Google unveils Currents, A Goolge+ replacement for G Suite users

Google Currents
Google Currents

After shutting down Google+, Google has unveiled a new Suite app called ‘Currents.’ Currents lets users have discussions and interactions across their organization.

Currents looks similar to Google+ even if the company claims to bring new look and feel. It seems faster as compared to Google+. Posts from the company’s top executives can be given priority in the stream to make sure employees see it.

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Currents give business leaders a way to engage with their employees directly. The content will remain there, so users can revisit and engage later. Admins can also measure engagement across the platform and track usage to understand what kind of conversations are getting attention.

Currents is in beta and G Suite companies can request access to the beta of the app starting today. It is worth to note that existing Google+ content will automatically be transferred to Currents once you enrolled for the beta.

If you are interested in trying Currents beta for your organization, you can send an email to

Google launched Currents back in 2011 for online magazines that was replaced with Google Play Newsstand. Later, Google retired Play Newsstand to launch Google News. Now Currents is back in the form of a social network for businesses.

Currents looks to be a newer version of Google+ with Material Design, faster experience and maybe few new features.