Samsung to put a camera with optical zoom in S-Pen


S-Pen is an integral part of Samsung’s Note series of smartphones. Every year, it gets upgrade to be better. This time Samsung could add a camera to it.

Samsung has been granted a new patent by US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent talks about a stylus that includes an optical system with a lens and an image sensor for clicking photos. Patent image also shows a key on S-Pen to control the camera’s zoom.

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Image sensor will be at the top most part and there will also be a control board for connecting it to smartphone and transfer photos and videos taken using stylus. Patent also suggests that there will be a battery similar to Note 9’s stylus.

There is no information whether the feature will arrive in next Galaxy Note smartphone.

I am still confused and not sure how would I use this camera. If you think Samsung might ditch selfie camera to favor this, video calls holding stylus all be annoying.