Google Docs gets AI-based grammar correction

Google Docs AI-based grammar correction
Google Docs AI-based grammar correction

Google Docs already has spelling check for years but now Google has added the power of machine translation techniques to correct grammatical errors. Google has announced that Google Docs now has the ability to offer AI-based grammar correction.

G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise customers will now see inline, contextual grammar suggestions in documents just like spellcheck.

If there is a grammar mistake, it will show a squiggly blue line under the phrase as you write. You can choose to accept the suggestion right click on it. So, you don’t need any third-party tool for grammar check and correction.

Google is using machine translation for building a model that can incorporate the complexity and nuances of grammar correction. Google is able to recognize grammar errors and suggest corrections as soon as you type a phrase.

Google claims that it has worked closely with linguists to decipher the rules for its machine translation model. This model is the foundation of this feature and will improve over the time using the machine learning. Google claims that it can catch even the complex grammatical errors.

If you are Google Docs user, see if this feature is working for you.