Nirvana Being Launches New Stylish Air Pollution Mask “idMask2”


Nirvana Being has launched its new air pollution mask idMASK2 for adults and kids. If you care for your health, you need to have one to avoid being exposed to polluted around.

The idMASK2 is a light weight PM2.5 mask with hard-rugged plastic cover. So, it is shatter resistant and comes with tight airlock. It also features replaceable filters. It has adjustable elastic straps to properly adjust the mask your your face. The mask clams to filter out 95% of particles and the large surface area of the filter aids in comfortable air flow.

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It has velvety soft, thin and flexible silicone facial seal This mask uses patented 3-layer facial seal technology to assure a comfortable air tight seal. It also assures natural and comfortable breathing without compromising the air tight seal. You can use it even while engaging in intensive activities including running, bicycling, soccer, tennis, cricket, golf or any other sport.

The mask will be available in three sizes I.e. small, medium and large. The recommended filter life is 6-8 weeks if used for on average of 1 hour daily.

The mast and accessories are available in various combinations. The mask is priced at Rs. 3000, the mask and filter set costs Rs. 4000 and mask with filter set & the shield costs Rs. 4900. The Mast and shield combination costs Rs. 3800.