Facebook’s Newly Discovered Privacy Bug Affects 14 Million Users


Facebook has just confirmed a new privacy issue that has affected over 14 million users. A bug in code accidentally changed the suggested privacy setting for status updates to public from the default the user had set. As a result of this, users were actually posting a public status in place of the privacy they had set for their status updates.

Facebook has already started notifying all the affected users who are over 14 millions in number.

Newly Discovered Privacy Bug

The bug affected updates posted from May 18th to May 22nd but the company switched people’s status composer privacy setting back to what it was before the issue on May 27th.

The bug occurred when Facebook was working on a “featured items” option on your profile. This option highlights photos and other content. All featured items are publicly visible, but the bug made all new posts public.

Facebook has fixed the issue but I still recommend you to check your privacy settings while posting a new update or photo.

Source: Techcrunch


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