WhatsApp Business Launched in India

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After launching WhatsApp Business for US, UK, Italy and few other markets, now the company has released the app for Play Store India. So, Indian businesses can now use WhatsApp to interact with their customers.

WhatsApp Business is only available for Android and you need a dedicated business number for using it. So, you cannot use it with the number you are already using for your account. As there is a separate app for businesses, you can continue using their personal WhatsApp account on the same phone.

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Business profile includes details like business name, address, working hours and website. WhatsApp Business offer messaging tools including quick replies, greeting messages and away messages. Messages statistics also help you understand what is working.

WhatsApp Business

Businesses can also use WhatsApp web for sending and receiving messages on desktop.

People will always know if they are talking to a business. WhatsApp will also confirm accounts after verifying that the number matches your business number.

Users will always have full control on the messages. They can always block any number including a business number if they think messages are irrelevant. WhatsApp also wants you to report spam if a message is spammy in nature.

If you own a business, you can start using WhatsApp to offer quick updates and instant support. It really helps. Do not forget to let us know your views in the comments.


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