You Cannot Differentiate Between Top or Bottom of This Phone

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There is another bezel-less display phone but with a unique feature. The phone can be used in either orientation. You can’t tell what is the top side and what is the bottom side of the phone. The company calls it ‘Gravity Phone’.

The phone has perfect symmetry and can be used from both sides with no difference. Gravity Phone is not just good in terms of design but it is also powerful in terms of specifications.

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Gravity Phone

It has the edge to edge display with almost no bezels at sides and narrow bezels at top and bottom side. As you can use the phone from any side, you wouldn’t feel any difference. The display size was not mentioned but it was confirmed to get 1220 x 2440 pixels resolution.

It has 16 megapixels rear camera sensor at the center of the back panel. Your photos are not framed in portrait or landscape view. It has round sensor that allows you to change the angle of view anytime.

The phone has 12 megapixels dual front camera where one sensor is located on either side of the display. With a dual front camera, you selfies have some depth and good details.

The phone runs on Orion OS to offer you clean interface with a new experience. From the screenshots, it looks really awesome

The phone has a fingerprint sensor on the side button. It also has RGB LED notification ring and USB Type-C.

The website just mentions key specifications and design of this phone. SO, it is not clear if there is any chance for it to become reality. I personally liked the concept design and hope to see it soon.

What do you guys think about this phone? Let us know your views in the comments.

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