Best Places to Download HD Wallpapers For Mobile

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Wallpapers make you phone look good. Most of the phones come with few awesome wallpapers to use. Few custom ROMs including MIUI, ZenUI, EUI, EMUI even offer a dedicated place to download more wallpapers and use on your phone. But what if you want more. There is no end and you can browse thousands of wallpapers to try on your phone. There are some best places from where you can download HD Wallpapers For Mobile.

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While you can always download any photo and use it on your phone, the alignment can be an issue. So, getting the photo optimized to use as mobile phone’s wallpaper should be your priority.

In this article, I am adding few best places to download wallpapers for your mobile phone. It does not matter if you own Android, iOS or Windows phone. You will get best HD wallpapers for Android, best HD wallpapers for iPhone and best HD wallpapers for Windows mobile phones.

Download HD Wallpapers For Mobile

Websites to download HD Wallpapers for mobile

Here is the list of best websites to download HD wallpapers for your mobile phone. These websites offer wallpapers for all kind of mobile phones including Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. You also get wallpapers from different categories to browse. All the wallpapers are free to use along with paid wallpapers to buy if you are ready to spend. Few of these websites also offer themes and ringtones as well. Check the list below.

  2. Mobiles Wall
  3. Android Central Wallpaper
  8. Android Freeware
  9. Wallpapers Home
  10. 1-Mobile

There can be much more similar sites. If you know any good website offering wallpapers for Android or iPhone devices, you can put in the comments and I will add that website to the list.

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Apps to download Wallpapers


If you are using an Android phone, you can take a look at best wallpaper apps for Android. Android phones come with different screen resolution. So, you need to know what kind of photos you should download on your phone to use as wallpapers. These app offers well-optimized HD wallpapers for mobile phone to try.


In case you own an iPhone, here is the list of best wallpaper apps for iPhone. These apps offer beautiful wallpapers from different categories. All the photos will be optimized to use on any iPhone device.

The websites I listed in the article also offer their apps to access wallpapers from your smartphone. But there are lots of apps that do not offer wallpapers on the web interface. So, do not miss the list of apps for Android or iPhone.

Final Words

There are lots of websites that offer royalty free photos to use personally or commercially. But these photos are optimized for either desktop or have just random size. Mobile phones have a vertical screen. So, there should an optimization of image size to best fit on your mobile phone. This is the reason I decided to write this article for you.

If you have anything to ask or suggest, you can always leave a comment.


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