Twitter Search Now Allows You To Search Emoji Term

Twitter Emoji search
Twitter Emoji search

Twitter has not integrated Emoji deeper. Now it supports the Emoji as a search term on Twitter search. So, you can search users or tweets by Emoji on Twitter search.

This update was first spotted by Emojipedia. It revealed that Emoji support is available on both Twitter’s app and website.

Emoji is very important on Twitter because of the 140-character limit. Emoji can replace a word to express the emotion.

It is not a feature most of the Twitter users will use, but many will surely find it interesting. This search can help you in discovering lots of interesting tweets on Twitter.

I tried searching for many different emojis and came up with many interesting results. While most of the tweets were spam but few were very interesting.

Twitter is not the only product that supports Emoji search. It has already been available on Venmo and iMessage.

What do you think about this new change on Twitter? Will you be using emoji search on Twitter? Share your views with us in comments.


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