Best Ways to Revamp your Android Device

Best Ways to Revamp your Android Device
Best Ways to Revamp your Android Device

It is pretty common to get tired of the default Android UI after a few week, but thankfully Android has tons of customization options. So, you enjoy the experience of a different phone in your existing phone. If you are setting up a new device or want to revamp your old android device, here are few effective ways to change the look and feel of your Android device.

Ways to Revamp your Android Device

1. New Launcher:

We can all agree that the stock Android Launcher gets boring very soon, it might look decent and can be productive up to a certain degree, but falls short when compared to the custom launchers available on the Play Store. Replacing your phone’s launcher not only changes the looks but also adds in many customization options and support for third party apps.

There are several Android Launchers available on the market right now and you might be confused which one to use. We’d recommend either Nova Launcher or Aviate, both launchers are effective as well as elegant. Nova Launcher has been around since Ice Cream Sandwich days and is probably the best launcher out there.Almost everything can be customized and tweaked with this launcher.

On the other hand, the Aviate Launcher by Yahoo is more focused on getting things done, effectively and efficiently. By organizing your apps into categories, this launcher aims at boosting productivity. It learns your usage behavior and sorts apps accordingly. Although it is focused on productivity, Aviate doesn’t sacrifice on the looks, as it is an eye pleasing launcher.

Download on Play Store: Nova Launcher

Download on Play Store: Aviate Launcher

2. Icon Packs & Lock Screen:

Icons are probably the first thing you’d notice when you unlock a device and hence play a major role in revamping your android. The default icons are not uniform and make your device look cluttered. That is where the icon packs come in, they are beautiful and are available abundantly on the play store. Almost every launcher supports Third Party Icon Packs.

Whicons Icon Pack and Belle UI Icon Pack are probably our favorites. We’d suggest to try few Icon Packs and stick with the one that has caught your attention.

If icons are the first thing you’d notice when you unlock a device, Lock screen is the first thing you’d notice when you boot up a device. The lock screen needs to be feature rich as well as good looking. By feature rich we mean the functionality to quickly access apps the apps you use the most, fast navigation and a clean notification display.

Our picks for Lock Screen replacement are Next Lock Screen , it is important to note that it is developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Download on Play Store: Whicons Icon Pack

Download on Play Store: Belle UI Icon Pack

Download on Play Store: Next Lock Screen

3. Wallpapers & Widgets:

It is pretty obvious but we need to mention this, Wallpapers enhance your device’s looks significantly. There are many apps dedicated to finding you the perfect wallpaper and Backgrounds HD is probably our best pick among them.

There are many High Quality Wallpaper Albums that are available on Image Sharing websites such as Imgur, Here’s our favorite album with over 500 amazing wallpapers.

Widgets play an equally important role in making your Android UI look elegant. A clean and simple widget coupled with a beautiful wallpaper makes your home screen looks gorgeous.

Download on Play Store: Backgrounds HD

Imgur Wallpapers Album: Here

4. Xposed Framework:

Android devices are known for its excessive customization, however most of its potential is untapped on an unrooted device. On a rooted android smartphone, you can customize your stock OS with the Xposed Framework. There are many Xposed Modules that lets you customize and tweak your device. from setting up Pie Controls to removing in app ads.

Note that rooting your device voids the warranty and may brick your device. If you are willing to proceed, do so with caution.

5. Custom ROMS:

There are several ROM that you can flash on your rooted android device, not only they improve the UI experience but also adds tons of new features and customization options. If you are bored of your stock Android, a new custom ROM can be a breath of fresh air. The amount of customization option few ROMS offer are unbelievable. Recently we have seen OEM launching devices with their own ROMS instead of Stock Android.

CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android are probably the most famous ROMs available. However you can try other ROMs such MIUI or Resurrection Remix. We’d like to mention again that rooting your device voids the warranty and may brick your device.

Final Words

There could be various other ways to get a different kind of feeling on your same phone. Let us know what do you do to revamp your Android phone? Share your views with us in the comments below.


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