Meet Opera Neon, a new experimental desktop browser

Opera Neon
Opera Neon

Opera released a new desktop web browser Opera Neon. This is just a concept browser and is not yet ready to replace your current web browser. The company has released this to try untested design ideas and more.

The company also says that Neon gives a “glimpse into the future of desktop browsers.” It also looks similar to their claims. This browser has broken all the boundaries of traditional browser design and added various different design things.

The new browser is also based on open source browser project Chromium. Chromium is also the base of many other browsers including Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi.

The primary difference in Neon is that the browser has ditched standard UI elements such as top menus, tabs and few more. The start page also looks different than other browsers but it still includes shortcuts to bookmarks and top visited websites. These are displayed as floating bubbles overlaid on your desktop wallpaper. The UI of the browser is also responsive and clean.

When you look at it, it looks like a PC desktop rather than a browser. It runs full-screen and web pages appear as windows within the full screen. These web page windows do not have X option to close. You need to minimize it and then hit the X in its tab circle to close.

The most interesting thing in Neon is the built-in support for split-screen browsing. So, you can arrange multiple tabs by resizing. This could be a good feature if you want to compare two different feature.

Neon has also adopted the Microsoft Edge’s snip and save feature. While the feature is not as good as in Edge, having it in the browser is good thing.

Opera is one of the most popular browser company that brought innovative ideas to web browsing. This new addition is another thing to the future of web browser.

Download Neon

I have already downloaded the browser and will come up with a review soon. Stay tuned for latest updates on Techlomedia. Watch the video added below to know more about the browser.


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