Google’s PhotoScan app turns printed photos into digital photos


Today, Google launched an interesting app ‘PhotoScan’ that helps users in turning printed photos into high-quality digital photos. The app is now available for both iOS and Android.

This app is useful for people who also lived in the pre-smartphone era when printed photos were used to create memory photo album. Prices of films and prints were also high, so people used to take care while choosing what moments to capture and print. So, most of those printed photos are pretty important.

As of now, we have photo-scanning as the primary method to turn printed photos into digital photos, but this method is costly. You can also capture printed photos using your smartphone camera but this is least used as it cannot capture details. It also captured table or surface. Captured photos also show alignment issue and cropping issues.

Google PhotoScan uses the second method but by addressing all common problems. “it detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare.”

This mobile app opens in the camera viewfinder and asks you to snap a photo. It instructs you to position the photo in the frame. When you do, you see four dots appear over your photo. To scan the photo, move your phone over each of the dots and hold it until the circle is filled in. Once you have covered all the dots, your photo is scanned.

It also allows you to take backup of digitally converted photos on Google Photos. You can only do this if you have Google Photos app installed.

It is worth note that there are many other similar kinds of apps already available. These apps include Photomyne,  Shoebox, Heirloom, Memories, and others.


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