Microsoft’s Paint gets biggest update to become Paint 3D

Paint 3D
Paint 3D

Microsoft has revamped its paint app for Windows 10 and made the new Paint 3D app. This app makes it easy to create 3D graphics.

The Paint 3D lets you combine 3D creations with 2D elements like stickers and even selfies. With Paint 3D, this app can take photos and turn portions of the photo into 3D objects.

This new paint app works well with the stylus and it is possible to scan items from real life with a device like HP Elite x3.

This app can also help you to isolate objects from photographs. So, you can easily use this app to replace the background with another image.

Paint 3D also integrated with Remix3D, a community where creators can share their 3D models. These models can also be printed with 3D printers. You can import your art and share it on Facebook. Microsoft has also partnered with Trimble to bring SketchUp creations to the Paint community.

This app will be the part of Windows 10 Creators Update coming next year. It will be initially available for users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


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