WhatsApp now supports GIFs and user tagging


WhatsApp has quietly added the GIF support and ability to tag users in group chat. Both features are now available for both Android and iOS apps, but not on the desktop.

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Now, users can send GIFs and it will play in a loop continuously. In WhatsApp for desktop, it shows like a video.

Tag feature can be irritating. If someone tags you, you will get a notification. Even if you have muted the group, you will still get notifications. To tag a person, type@ and it will show you the list of users from the group in a pop up. You can also tag multiple users in a single chat. You can only tag a person if he is in the contact list.

whatsapp tag

With this tagging feature and GIF support, conversations will become more interesting. Users like to share GIFs on social media and so they will like it on WhatsApp.


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