Few Indian ISPs are speeding up BitTorrent by linking to local peers

TOrrent download
TOrrent download

A few days back, it was reported that Indian Internet users may get jail or fine of up to Rs. 3 Lakh for visiting torrent sites. Later, it was made clear that the punishment was only for accessing pirated movie content. Well, this is not the only news for torrent users. As per Torrentfreaks reported, Several Indian IPS are offering higher speed on BitTorrents.

Several Indian Internet service providers have teamed up withTorbox.net which offers a fully fledged torrent search engine. With help of Torbox, ISPs are connecting users to ‘local’ peers to ensure maximum download speeds.

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Torrent users place the high load on the network and become the primary reason for trouble for other subscribers. They also perform huge data transfer outside of the ISP’s own network and hence add too much cost on ISP. This is why some ISPs reduce the speed of this kind of users. But, it was ethically wrong and hence they found a better way to make everyone happy.

In place of taking action against torrent users, these ISPs have found a win-win way. They help users download content at fastest possible speed by linking them to local peers of the same network. It reduces the cost of ISP and they can also offer better speed.

As per report, ISPs such as Alliance Broadband, Excitel, Syscon Infoway and True Broadband are doing this to help their customers.

If you visit Torbox from the ISP which is not a part of this partnership, it will also notify you that your ISP doesn’t have a peering agreement. For users using the partner ISP, it shows search results ordering torrents based on the proximity of downloaders.

This partnership also created trouble for TorBox which is not facing high server load. Many Internet users are not able to access the website and are getting this message “We are experiencing an unusual load on our server. We are working to fix the issue.”

At the time of writing, this article Torbox was down.

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