Facebook to Force Advertising on Desktop By Blocking Ad-Blockers



Facebook has decided to force ads to appear on its website for all its users, even if they are using ad-blocking tools. The social networking site said on Tuesday that various changes will be made in the way of loading advertisements on the site making it difficult for ad blockers to detect them and block them respectively.

Many people have started using ad-blockers for an ad free experience of surfing on the internet. Advertisements are a major source of income for websites and many corporations have even objected to such an act. It is estimated that 26% of internet users in the USA  use ad blockers on their desktop devices.

Facebook, which nearly has 1.7 billion active users every month, is risking the disappointment of its users as ads will be enforced on their computer screens. Majority of the users access social networking platform via Facebook’s app on smartphones and tablets. There is no way or tool to block ads on other apps. So, Facebook’s revenue from mobile apps is safe and these ads have no effects of ad blockers. But desktop users mostly use ad blockers and it affects revenue of Facebook.

In the second quarter, 84% of Facebook’s ad revenue came from mobile. So, desktop is not even a major platform for company. Still, Facebook says it has lost some desktop ad revenue as a result of ad blockers usage. Facebook is considering ad blockers as a serious threat for its revenue model. According to the social networking giant July was a good month for them in the sense of ad revenue. Nevertheless, they don’t want to lose on the extra bucks which are under a threat because of ad blockers.

It is acknowledged that forcing ads into people’s account who have attempted to avoid them could irritate those users, but the company has invested heavily in ensuring that advertisements on Facebook are relevant to its users. Facebook is also introducing more ways for users to control the type of advertising they see on their account. Some ad-blocking software providers have faced criticism from the media for their business models in recent months. The famous ad blocking tool AdBlock Plus takes money from many companies to filter the ads on their sites. This kind of act is not appreciable.

“This is an unfortunate move, because it takes a dark path against user choice,” Eyeo said of Facebook’s ad decision in a blog post. “But it’s also no reason to overreact: cat-and-mouse games in tech have been around as long as spammers have tried to circumvent spam filters.”

According to Mr. Bosworth Facebook hasn’t paid any ad-blocking software company to have its ads pass through their filters. “It’s not something that Facebook wants to be a part of. It’s not a business model that’s set out to serve the best interests of people,” he said.

If seen from the technical standpoint, Facebook is able to beat ad blockers easily because it loads ads into its website itself while other sites and services get their advertisements through third-party sources which pose a higher level of threat to ad-blockers.

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Source: Facebook Newsroom

Via: WSJ