3 Best Prisma App Alternatives for Android

Prisma App is trending. You can see people sharing photos processed by Prisma all over Facebook and Instagram. As the app is only available for iOS, Android users are desperately waiting for app to come for Android. If you are also one of those Android users who is waiting for Prisma app’s android version, I got something which can help you.  There are few apps for Android which works similar to Prisma. Until you get Prisma for Android, you can try these apps.

1. Pikazo – Make anything art

Pikazo is another interesting app which offers something very similar to Prisma. It comes with many high-resolution, pre-proven styles to use.

Pikazo – Make anything art

I tried this app found it very slow. Unlike Prisma, this app takes time to process a photo. In few cases, it took more than 2 minutes. But in few cases, it did in few seconds.

This app is available for Android and can be seen as best alternative to Prisma app. It is also available for iOS. If you are using Prisma, you can also try this app and see what is offering better effects.

[appbox googleplay com.pikazoapp.pikazonp]

2. PicsArt

PicsArt is a photo editing app which also comes with various filters. Few filters are similar to filters available in Prisma app. You can see these photo filters in “Effects” section of the app. It brings few effects and filters very much similar to filters available in Prisma. While you only have 2-3 filters and these filters are also not detailed, you can at least try.


As the app is basically a photo editing app, you get various other photo editing features to edit your photos. You get various tools including brushes, overlays, collage maker and drawing tools. Try this app if you want Prisma like app on your Android phone.

This app is available for free but comes with in-app purchase option. Not just in-app purcahse, it

[appbox googleplay com.picsart.studio]

3. Photo Lab

Photo Lab is also a nice app to have Prisma like art effects in your photo. It also come with a collection of style templates which you can use in your photos. But you can only use few filters in the app. As the app offers on-app purchase, most of the good filters are available only if you purchase.

Photo Lab

Being true, this app cannot stand in front of Prisma. It shows too much ads and irritates us. But, you can still try if you have no option left.

[appbox googleplay vsin.t16_funny_photo]

There are few other apps which offers painting like effects for photos. But, no app can stand it front of Prisma. There only 4-5 filters which you can actually try and no filter is offering details like you get in Prisma.

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