Xiaomi introduces MIUI 8; See List of new Features and Improvements

Miui 8
Miui 8

Xiaomi has finally introduced the new version of its mobile software, MIUI 8. it comes with lots of improvements, new features, and better user experience. Changes in colors are the most notable change in this new version.

MIUI 8 Release Date

MIUI forum will invite participants for a closed beta on May 16th. First Open beta will be released on June 1. On June 17th, it will enter the Developer edition.

Most of the current Xiaomi smartphones will get the update for this MIUI 8. These smartphones include Xiaomi Mi 2, Xiaomi Mi 2s, Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi 4c, Xiaomi Mi 4s, Xiaomi Mi 5, Xiaomi Redmi Note and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

List of new Features and Improvements in MIUI 8

Wallpaper Carousel

Wallpaper Carousel is an interesting feature which sends beautiful images to lock screen daily. There are more than 12 categories of images to choose from.

wallpaper Miui 8

Long screen capture

It is another interesting thing what I like. Now, you can capture long screenshots to capture entire page on the screenshot. You can also select the amount of page to cut from screenshot.


Standard screenshot only captures the visible part of the screen.

Anti-fraud SMS security

To reduce the spam, company has also developed an improved Anti-fraud SMS security by analyzing the chip level data and base station identification information technology. It will warn before the user takes any action on  possible fraud SMS or click on links within it.

It comes with triple protection. If you ignore the first warning, it will warn you again when you click on the link given in the SMS. While the link is being open in browser, MIUI 8 will warn again about the security risks.

Calculator app

Calculator app has also been improved to bring conversions from one unit to other. Now it can get live currency conversion for certain currencies, convert Celcius to Fahrenheit degree, and some other similar conversions.

calculator app

Enhanced Photo editing feature

Company has improved and added more photo editing features in MIUI 8. Now, you can add drawings, graffitis with the new brushes. Newly added mosaic option lets you hide any part of the photo you didn’t want to crop but want to hide.

Enhanced Video editing tool

MIUI 8 also comes with an enhanced video editing tool. It offers basic video editing features like crop, add filters, add captions and add music.

enhanced video editing tools

Notes App

With note app, you can create notes There are various beautiful note templates. Grid view of notes is also there for better navigation. You can also share these beautiful notes on social media of microblogging sites.

Notes App

Improved Battery Performance

MIUI 8 is more power efficient. It comes with power saving modes to improve battery backup by freezing background apps, updates and background data. 

It claims to extend battery backup up to 2-3 hours.

miui 8 battery

Mi Lansing Font

For Chinese users, Xiaomi has also introduced a new font called Mi Lansing. It aims to refine the reading experience on mobile devices. This phone features centered characters. For this Font, Xiaomi had to manually tweak 27,533 characters.


It also includes a scanner app which can generate Wechat/Alipay QR codes, snap and shop on Taobao, solve math problems. You can just scan a maths problem and it tries to solve it for you.

MIUI 8 also comes with improved privacy options, enhanced performance and better user experience.


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