WhatsApp now has official desktop app for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp desktop apps
WhatsApp desktop apps

As we reported earlier, WhatsApp has finally launched desktop apps for Mac and Windows platforms. These native apps come with the interface like we see on Whatsapp for web, desktop notifications, and supports keyboard shortcuts for quicker actions.

WhatsApp app for desktop also works similar to WhatsApp for web. You need to scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your phone. You can find this option in under Settings.

It is worth to note that WhatsApp keeps all conversations synced across all your devices. So, you will be able to access all your messages from any kind of WhatsApp client. It was easy for WhatsApp, as it is using your phone’s connection all the time to check if you are connected.

If you are interested in trying WhatsApp for desktop, you should download it from here.

With native desktop apps, you can use WhatsApp while doing some work on desktop. So, you do not need to use your smartphone along with your desktop. Best thing is that it supports native desktop notifications to keep you updated with all new messages.

WhatsApp has been growing with very high pace. Now it has over 1 billion active users. So, it keeps on updating its service to make it more interesting and useful. It also added encryption to make conversations more private and secure. With this dedicated client for Mac, now it has become an alternative to iMessages for Mac OS X.

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