Samsung explains its move to differentiate its app store



Without a doubt, when it comes to manufacturing Android devices, Samsung is definitely a giant, however, it also has the aspiration for making its own platform. Due to this aspiration, the South Korean manufacturer is looking to develop its own version of the App store which will be different from the Google Play Store.

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During the GamesBeat Summit 2016 event, Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat had interviewed Mihai Pohuntu, Vice President of emerging platforms. During the interview, Pohuntu had revealed the company’s plans for developing a dedicated app store along with its investments in games. Already the dedicated Samsung apps have been quite successful and the company is excited by the work they have done with CNN, Expedia, Lyft, and others in the Made for Samsung program. Now they are trying to bring in game developers to the fold.


In our opinion, this is counter-intuitive as we can’t imagine a developer limiting his game only for the Galaxy devices when there is a full-fledged ecosystem of Android devices from other manufacturers. According to Pohuntu, the difference between the Samsung App store and the Google Play Store is comparative to the difference between the Walmart and a boutique. The company is using various promotional programs to lure the developers to their program so that they can get 30,000 to 40,000 US installs per month. They also plan to make the promotions a long running process as opposed to the short burst promotion strategy that the Play Store uses.

Along with these offers, the company also intends on giving the developers a chance to make a name in the market. As Pohuntu pointed out, the whole motive of this program is to have co-development relationship between the company and the developer. A part of this relationship would be the regular presence at prominent trade shows alongside Samsung, including CES and the Mobile World Congress.

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