Opera browser can now extend battery life of laptop by up to 50%

opera browser's power saving mode

Opera has updated its desktop browser and added power saving mode. With this power saving mode, Opera browser can extend the battery life of your laptop by up to 50%. As of now, this power saving mode is available for preview in Opera’s latest developer build.

When your laptop is running on battery power, Opera browser will show a battery icon. You can access power saving mode by clicking on this battery icon. Click on this icon and enable battery saving mode.

Opera Power saving mode

Company also revealed the optimizations it did to reduce the battery consumption: These are:

  • Reduced activity in background tabs
  • Waking CPU less often due to more optimal scheduling of JavaScript timers
  • Automatically pausing unused plug-ins
  • Reduced frame rate to 30 frames per second
  • Tuning video-playback parameters and forcing usage of hardware accelerated video codecs
  • Paused animations of browser themes

Battery savings will depend on the type of hardware your laptop is using.

This is another feature in past one month which makes Opera browser better than available browsers. It added a free lifetime VPN and ad blocking capabilities in the browser few weeks back.

With the new power saving mode, you can now watch more videos while traveling or work for longer time.

The company also compared the battery backup of a laptop with Chrome and Opera browser without battery saving mode. And it claims to get around 49% of longer battery life on Lenovo X250, Core i7-5600U, 16GB RAM and Dell XPS 13, 16GB RAM running on Windows 10, 64-bit.

Opera battery saving test

While doing the above tests, the company used selenium WebDriver to load 11 websites including YouTube.

Opera VPN comes to private browsing

Opera VPN comes to private browsing and scroll pages while opening all other tabs. Ad blocker was also on while using the battery saving mode.

Opera also has another good news. Now Opera VPN is the part of private browsing. So, you can use Opera’s VPN even while accessing the web in private browsing mode.

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