Opera browser brings built-in free VPN service

Opera brings built-in VPN service

Opera has announced an interesting feature for its Opera browser. Now, Opera browser will come with a built-in free VPN service. This service is the result of Opera’s acquisition of virtual private network (VPN) service SurfEasy.

This built-in VPN will help users in protecting their browser session on public Wi-Fi networks. It will also help in bypassing occasional firewall to access blocked websites. This VPN offers 256-bit encryption and also assigns you a virtual IP address to make it harder yo trace you back.

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“Everyone deserves to be private online if they want to be. By adding a free, unlimited VPN directly into the browser, no additional download or extensions from an unknown third­party provider are necessary,” Opera SVP Krystian Kolondra said.

It is worth to mention that this VPN service will work only with the browser to protect your browser session. It will have no effects on another traffic originates from your computer.

If you want to use this VPN service, you can try latest Opera developer build for Windows and Mac. Download it in your system and give it a try.  Once you’ve installed Opera browser, run it and open “Privacy & Security” tab to look for the VPN settings. By default, this feature is disabled and hidden. Turn it on. You can switch between virtual locations. As of now, it offers three options: US, Canada and Germany. Opera confirms that it will add more countries in the browser’s stable version.

I personally found this interesting. It is working fine and helped me accessing few websites which I couldn’t do normally from my location due to location restriction. Check it and share your views with us in comments.

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