Opera browser now has a built-in ad blocker

Opera for desktop has integrated ad-blocking feature in its newest developer version. With this integration, Opera has become first major desktop browser to bring this feature within the browser.

Opera also compares the browsing speed and claims to be faster than other browsers with third-party ad-blocking extensions.Opera claims to offer a 40% faster browsing experience compared to third-party ad-blocking extensions. Opera made this possible because ad-filtering happens at the web=engine level where the browser can control the loading process of the web page.

Opera integrates adblocker

“Advertising fuels the internet, allowing for many services to be free for users. But, as our new research shows, most web pages today are significantly slowed down by bloated ads and heavy tracking. We don’t accept it – we want the web to be a better place for us all, as users,” says Krystian Kolondra, SVP of Engineering and Head of Opera for computers.

By default, this feature is deactivated. While browsing, if it detects ads on web pages, it will suggest enabling the ad-blocking feature. Opera also gives users an option to disable ad-blocking on a website and add it to an exception list.

Not all but few ads ruin the user experience. Many websites serve irritating ads and force people to go with the ad-blocking option. Now, millions of people use different adblocking extensions to block ads. It is not good for online publishers like us but have to face this. If you are also using adblocker, we request you to whitelist Techlomedia. We do not serve irritating ads. 

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