LEO Privacy Review: Lock Boost Android App

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Are you worried about your gadgets (mobile applications)? Do you think there need to be extra features? My answer to this question is yes!! Certainly, there should be an app or software that can control both online and offline properties like Mobile, Apps. So, it’s all about Privacy – Yes!! What if I tell you some best features of a tool that mean a lot when online security is concerned? I believe, there should be some security measurements need to be taken (Privacy of things may be anything or any kind). Today, we would like to write an honest review of Leo Privacy – Best Anti-Theft, Instant Privacy Scanning, Wi-Fi-Security Scan, App Lock, Safe Box, Break-In Alert and many more.

Firstly, we highly recommend you Download LEO Privacy App from Google Play Store right away.

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LEO Privacy Feedback from Online Users

  • Jack – My brother always used to open my mobile, I usually feel uneasy to cope with the situation. After installing LEO, Privacy Guard is euphoric that is secured.
  • Kittu – I was feeling insecure whenever my sister finds my mobile, after installing LEO Privacy app, am in a secured zone.
  • Pearl – Very easy operation, quick functions, and user-friendly interface.

Features of Leo Privacy Application

Below are some of the technical features of Leo Privacy Application if you installed on your device.

Leo Privacy

Wi-Fi Security System

We would like to start with Wi-Fi Security System of Leo Privacy Application – With the multi-mode compound algorithm, if you have installed LEO app on your Android Device, as you “Switch On” Wi-Fi Network Connectivity, – it immediately scans for any theft from surrounding, always protecting your device and network from malicious hacking.

Safe Box

Using Safe Box feature – You can create a password for images and videos; can also create a password for SD Card to avoid people watching it unknowingly without your presence.

Lock SMS

We are 100% sure that, if you lock all your apps then expect you; no one will get a chance to open it. With fantastic app lock system – You can create Either Pattern or Pin code.

Privacy Security Scan

  • With just a single click, you can check the privacy status of your mobile, smart scan system scrutinizes your entire handset and inform you about newly added images, videos, and applications.
  • If it finds any malicious attacks, immediately it will tell you to lock or hide your valuable data.

Anti-Theft Lock

There are plenty of applications releasing day to day to avoid mobile theft, the beauty of installing Leo Privacy App is – You need not search for the best anti-theft app and install. This app is enough.  We have seen some websites asking mobile and user information to track network details so that, if at all mobile is stolen they could help users. Remember; the internet is all about Data – Yes!! If data was lost, everything is lost – Be sure, to submit any of your personal data while registering websites.

There are different ways to lock your lost mobile – Out of such techniques; Remote Control is the best possible way to lock mobile.

Leo Privacy

Break Alert

Android Device Manager – This is a perfect Android app that can let you ring, lock or even erases mobile data. In a similar manner, Leo Privacy application let you take photos of someone who operates or enter the wrong password.

leo privacy review

LEO Privacy

It boosts your mobile by cleaning browser caches, and other junk files.

One Touch Scan

A graphical privacy status scan will look on opening the app. Once you select the scan option, you will be sent back to the Privacy status. To sense the trouble making areas in the phone, it requires immediate attention; the app will run a very quick scan for all the information stored in your device by selecting the scan option. The user can then add privacy to it. It functions perfectly to visually showcase applications, pictures, videos, and other media that need privacy according to the analysis made by the app.

Application (App) locks

If the user wants to keep the data safe and secure from others, then all they have to do is use App Lock feature which quite beneficial for you. It then allows you to choose the applications you wish to lock and keep it secure from people who touch your phone unnecessarily. Furthermore, you can even choose your style to it so as to ensure that unwanted people do not open your phone. There are several factors and innovative options such as beauty error, fingerprint scanner, cover and an unknown caller that allow you to choose a way of protecting your apps from others.

leo privacy review

Hide Images and Videos

The personal information stored in your phone in the form of images and videos is unquestionably one of the most sensitive data. They can either be candid, funny, memorable, or secretive pictures and videos. We don’t want our private data to be opened for everyone, and the LEO Privacy app makes it secure. The exclusive and innovative features of the applet you keep your secret stuff protected from others. Just select the pictures and videos that you want to hide and then add them to the hidden images list and videos. Additionally, these pictures can be retrieved by user anytime by logging in and secure access lock.

leo privacy review

Privacy Monitor

Occasionally you might forget to lock your phones and in that situation, some unwanted people want to access it when left long unattended. So, what you need is an application that can work impeccably of its own so to keep your device secure in such situations. The monitor privacy features of this app allow the app to monitor nonstop the privacy status of the phone. Also, the user will be informed about any privacy that needs to be added from time to time.


We are sure that you will no longer face Ads, deceptive downloads, if you have any more queries regarding Leo Privacy Add-on please, do let us know through a comment. Share this post with all your friends on social networks.


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