Emerging Technologies and Young Innovators are coming to EmTech India 2016. Are You?

EmTech India
EmTech India


With every passing month, we see new emerging technologies making our life easier and showing us what technology can do. If you are interested in emerging technologies that are changing our lives, you have a chance to see India’s young innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers discussing emerging technologies at one Place. Mint and MIT Technology Review has brought the globally acclaimed EmTech to India a technology conference to showcase Emerging Technologies that have the greatest potential to change our lives. It is its kind of unique conference to give innovators and business leaders a platform to inspire thousands of other people with ideas and show their potential of affecting the life of millions of people in a positive way with their research and innovations.

If I ask you about the latest tech innovation trends, I am sure you will say 3D printing, wearable, drones, AI, Virtual Reality and Internet of things. Many established companies and newly formed startups are working to improve these technologies with innovations. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. companies are working in the space of Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and VR. Innovative startups are also working hard to improve technologies to make our life better with their products. But very few startups get recognition and many fails due to lack of proper guidance and funds. But EmTech gives the chance to these startups to shape their idea, find inspiration, recognition and mentorship.

Emerging Technologies

EmTech aims to give those innovations a platform to show the potential to the world. This event will provide a chance to see new kind of drones, more compact 3D printers, use of IOT in more complex things and how Artificial Intelligence is competing with human brains. Is it not exciting? I am personally interested in AI and IOT. These things will have a huge impact on our future. AI is necessary is almost all kind of sectors including gaming, healthcare, production and robotics. While Google and Facebook like companies are working on these innovations, mostly startup brings some big revolutions. And I am expecting few big revolutionary products this time.

I hope next time, when I will visit EmTech, I will see driverless cars, IOT in healthcare, better batteries for wearables and robots beating humans in games. But who knows, I got to see these things this year. Innovations are being at the huge level, and we cannot guess the next move.

Not just emerging technologies and innovations, EmTech India also wants you to meet the top young innovators from India. It has selected 10 innovators under the age of 35 from India. These innovators were nominated by people via open nomination forms. From those hundreds of entries appointed jury members to select India’s best 10 innovators under the age 35 based on the various factors. If you are a regular reader, you already know when the selection process started. We covered the initiative when they were accepting nominations for Innovators Under 35.

A few of the world’s most influential business leaders and innovators are also coming for EmTech India. If you see the list speakers, you will find many great minds. These people will be sharing their ideas and stories with us. Nikay Arora from We chat, Deepak Maheshwari from Symantec, Kunal Shah from FreeCharge, Mughilan from Skylark drone and many more. I am sure you know would be interested to know how Kunal Shah managed to grow from a small idea to a million dollars company. These people will suggest you and inspire you and mentor you. I have seen many people with ideas, but the lack of guidance ruin their idea too. If you are one of those people, you must not miss this chance to see these business leaders and listen what they want to share with the world.

EmTech India

EmTech India 2016 Schedule

EmTech India 2016 has been scheduled on 18th – 19th March 2016. This is the invite-only event. So, you should register for the event to book your seat and get an invite. Venue of the event is Hotel Pullman New Delhi Aerocity.

Who should Visit this Conference

This event is for entrepreneurs working on innovative technologies, the business person looking to see how technology have come up to or a person having a deep interest in technology looking to see what kind of technologies will be buzzing the market in coming months. If you are looking to start your own startup, this will be an awesome conference to get some inspiration and meet brilliant minds. If you want to know more about EmTech India conference or its schedule, you should visit its official website for more details.

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