What Is Refurbished Smartphone? Is It Right to buy Refurbished Phones?

Refurbished Smartphones
Refurbished Smartphones

You may have seen different online stores selling refurbished smartphones for lower cost. But many people do not know what exactly refurbished denotes. I found many queries asking about refurbished smartphone. So In this post, I am explaining every single aspect of refurbished smartphones.

What is a refurbished smartphone?

A refurbished smartphone is a smartphone model that has been returned to the manufacturer by customers because of faults or other reasons. Sometimes these phones are those which have been used to showcase in events but not used by consumers. Manufacturers fix issues if there is any, restore it to full functioning and make it working like a new device. These phones come in market as refurbished phone and generally tagged with lower price. These devices are used but not for longer time. In many cases people buy phone and return it within a week for different reasons. There is no way to check why the phone was returned. It could be returned because buyer changed mind or it could be returned because of a flaw. These phones cannot be resold as new and hence, company sells these phones as refurbished.

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In simple words, these are lightly used phone but made to standard working. Manufacturers also offer warranty on these models and this warranty vary from company to company.

Now days, refurbished phones are getting popularity. Online retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and others have started selling refurbished phones. The only way to distinguish is the word ‘refurbished’. Sometimes these refurbished phones do not come in standard packaging and may not include all accessories.

When a manufacturer refurbished a phone, it gives a grade to the phone depending on its condition.

  • Grade A – Appears like a new device. It has only very minor signs of handling or wear.
  • Grade B – It may have scratches, chips or other forms of light cosmetic damage.
  • Grade C – It will show signs of wear; expect the product to look used.

This grade is helpful to assume the condition of the phone. But very few retailer mention this grade on their website.

Manufacturer Refurbishing vs. Non-Manufacturer Refurbishing

This is an important thing you must know. A refurbished device may not be direct from its original manufacturer. Sometimes a third-party company or an individual sell refurbished device after properly testing and fixing it. There are few companies like Gobol.in, Valuecart.in and togogogo.com which sell refurbished products with warranty. So, you must check who refurbished the device. If it is not manufacturer, it should be some reliable person or company.

Refurbished Smartphone

Is Buying Refurbished Cell Phone Right Choice For You?

If you are thinking to buy a Refurbished smartphone, you must accept that the device will not be new. Yes, these devices may be used but not for longer time. And you should be ready to face minor flaws. You could assume the reason why it was returned. By definition, these phones should work and behave like a new phone. You will also get the warranty. If you have less budget but you can get a highly priced phone in your budget as refurbished device, you can think of buying this. But it is a right choice only if you are ready to accept that you are actually buying a lightly used phone which could show minor issues.

Consider selecting right warranty if thinking to buy refurbished device

As I already mentioned, refurbished devices come with the warranty of 3 months or 6 months. You must check it properly and see who is offering this warranty. I hope you know the difference between seller warranty and manufacturer warranty. A warranty helps you if your refurbished devices show issues in early days. If the phone was refurbished by its manufacturer and manufacturer is providing the warranty, you may select the phone. But seller warranty may bring lots of frustration. Go with it but at your own risk.

Refurbished Phones Vs. Used Phones

While I mentioned many times that refurbished phones are slightly used phones, there is still a big difference between used phones and refurbished phones. Used phones are sold as it is. Used phones are not checked for possible issues and are not tested. On other hands, refurbished phones are properly tested phones and repaired if necessary. So, you cannot directly call refurbished phones as used phones. If you buy used phones, you may get it with issues and damages but without warranty. This is not the case with refurbished phones.

What to check while buying a refurbished phone

If you are ready to buy a refurbished smartphone, you must check few things carefully. Always read the product description and see if they are offering all the accessories with phone and if not, see what is missing. Check the warranty terms and who is offering the warranty. You must also check if there is any return policy. These are the things you must check to avoid any issue while buying a refurbished phone.

I tried to explain things in short to give you better readability. If you still have any problem, you can comment below to ask your queries about refurbished smartphone. I will try to answer as soon as possible.