“Cut The Rope: Magic” comes to Android and iOS

Cut the Rope: Magic
Cut the Rope: Magic

If you enjoyed Cut the top, a popular puzzle game, we have a good news for you. Zeptolab has brought its Om Nom back with its new game “Cut The Rope: Magic”.

This new game features a new magical world with new graphics, game play and sound effects. Around 100 puzzles are already there and company will push more puzzles in new updates.

Exciting thing in the game is that you can turn Om Nom into other creatures including bird, dinosaur, fish, or a mouse. Each of these have different move sets. You will have to use these creatures smartly in different levels to win it.

This game is free of cost for Android with in-app purchase available to buy in-game currency. If you do not want to spend money, you should pass levels and get in-game currency as reward. For iOS, it is available for Rs. 60.

Cut the Rope: Magic –  Android | iTunes

ZeptoLab has also partnered with Indian mobile games company Nazara to publish Cut the Rope. This company will have exclusive rights to publish games in the Cut the Rope series in the Indian subcontinent.


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