Twitter increases follow limit from 2,000 to 5,000 accounts


TwitterTwitter now allows users to follow more people on Twitter. Follow limit has been increased to 5000 accounts from previous limit of 2000. Twitter confirms this in a Tweet posted by Twitter Support. Company didn’t confirm the reason behind this move.

If you are on Twitter, now you can follow up to 5000 people. This is the base limit and you can follow more people based on the ratio of followers to following. Company also confirms that Twitter’s spam detection tool will not allow any automated following or un-following tool. No user can follow a maximum of 1,000 people in a day.

You can read more about following rules to know more about these things.

For past few months, Twitter has been pushing new features aggressively to attract more users. It is trying to improve its messaging to make it more like an instant messaging. It has also made few design tweaks, added top stories to home page for non-logged in users and Facebook like tweet update box at the top of feed. It also has also increased the length of message to 10000 characters. Company has also confirmed to increase the tweets length in coming days.

On Tuesday, Twitter also revealed its 3Q earnings. In this, it confirmed 307 million active users. Twitter has added only 3 million new users since June.

In coming months, we will also see many new features and changes in this micro-blogging platform.