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Mobomarket for Android

The MoboMarket app is good and it really feels great to use such a kind of app where you can do a lot of things in just one app. The app also provides a friendly user interface for better, easy and clear understanding of its features. The MoboMarket app uses android platform to run and keeps on providing its updated version at frequent intervals of time to enhance the user experience with added functionality and removing the bugs(if any).

The MoboMarket app is an app for everyone. It optimizes your device, provides a platform for downloading other games and apps. It is easy to use. It helps to increase the battery life by minimizing the battery usage through power saver mode. You can view the app details by going to ‘about’ section of the app and like the app using ‘like us’ option. You can also manage the app, by changing the settings of the app through ‘settings’ option.

The MoboMarket app can be installed easily without any additional requirement to the device. Just download the MoboMarket app (.apk file) from the site and save it in your device storage. After doing that, just tap to open up the .apk file from the stored location and proceed through the installation process. Once the app is installed, you can tap to open the app.MoboMarket App

Welcome, to the world of endless options for choosing different games, apps and many more features, this app offers.

This app is really beneficial for those who want to get out of their dull and boring life and can spare some time for amusement, fun and recreational activities. Apart from these, the MoboMarket app gives the user with features for optimizing the device and increasing its overall performance. The app also takes care of user interest and made browsing of app easier by categorically distribution of various sections like ‘categories’, ‘featured’, ‘rankings’ and ‘focus’, ‘games’, ‘search’, ‘discover’, ‘menu’. The search option is a useful tool for finding the things of personal interest. You can easily search apps and

You can go to the ‘featured’ option to select the game or app you wish to play and can download it easily. The ‘download manager’ helps you to easily see what all apps you are downloading or have downloaded or are being downloaded.

MoboMarket AppThe major features which the MoboMarket app provides are:

  • Updates
  • Download Manager
  • Resource Library
  • APK Manager
  • Device Cleaner
  • App Transfer
  • Startup Optimizer
  • Power Saver
  • File Sharing
  • Connect to PC

MoboMarket App

The settings panel of this app gives you many options to manage the functioning of your app. The ‘Auto Install’ option helps you to install apps automatically and you can activate the ‘Delete APK file after install’ button to automatically delete apk file after the app has been installed. By activating the ‘Disable Image’ option, no images will be shown by the app for low 2G/3G network. ‘Show update alert’ helps you to find the apps that need to be updated. The settings panel has more than required options that you can choose to activate or deactivate.

MoboMarket App

On clicking the ‘menu’ option, you can choose between different features this app gives to its users. You can choose options like updates, download manager, uninstall apps etc. The updates options gives us a detail description of apps already installed on the device but are outdated and needs to be updated. If you see the text displaying as ‘Your device is running slow’ with red background, just by clicking once on the circle you can optimize your device and the background will turn from red to blue giving you the choice to clean memory, cache files, residual files and apk files.

MoboMarket App


When you tap on the message icon at top right corner of the menu screen, you can view the messages this app wants to share with you. On the top left corner is the ‘Region Option’ from where you can select the language and the regionfrom the list of countries available and you can choose by clicking over the country once and then clicking the ‘OK’ option or you can just ‘Skip’ it by clicking on ‘skip’ option.

If you are unable to find your region, than the search bar provided above the countries list can be used to find your desired region.

MoboMarket App

The ‘feedback’ option can be found under the menu option, third from the last in the list of all the features available by the app.

If you have any query or want to give feedback about the app, just use this feature of ‘feedback’ to show your concern. On opening the feedback option, list of reasons are displayed from which you select the appropriate one. The categories under which you can give feedback are:

  • Loading is slow
  • Slow download speed
  • Unable to download
  • Unable to install
  • Unable to update
  • Crash issues
  • No desirable resource
  • Suggestion


MoboMarket AppAfter selecting the category, all you have to do is to enter your email id and your feedback and finally click on submit button.

Before you think of downloading the app and start using it, please have a look at the positive and the negative aspects of this app.

The MoboMarket app has few added advantages over other apps as well assome disadvantages.

MoboMarket AppGood Points:

  • The MoboMarket app has many apps and games to download.
  • The app has optimization and power app mode.
  • It has its options in the notification bar.
  • One touch option at the home screen to clear the memory.
  • Easier to manage and transfer files and apps using the app.

Bad Points:

  • Sometimes the app looks too congested, full of everything, everywhere.
  • Though the file size is more than 6mb, but some of the features require additional things to be downloaded.

After using the app, although it helps to solve many of the issues, but it can be improved to be more useful by linking the social and networking apps and accounts.

Download MotoMarket

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