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Still having difficulty in managing your accounts? Feels that you need assistance to handle all your credits and finances? Then here’s the app for you.

Evermoney is a financial management app that tracks and keeps records of all your income and expenses. Every time you make a transaction, just enter it into the app and let the app do the rest of the work for you. The Evermoney app keeps you free from the burden of calculations and saves much of your time by doing all the accounting for you. With the app you can manage your account, view details and can put control over your income and expenses anytime, anywhere.

The Evermoney app provides an easy interface which you can view, manage and control your financial status at any point of time. The app is successfully running on android phone and tablets with its current version v2.2.1.

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Evermoney app supports nearly all the functionalities that are needed to manage the accounts. As one opens the app, one can choose between Account and Wallet options. Though the app comes with the sample accounts (‘My Account’ and ‘My Wallet’), user can always create new accounts or modify the existing accounts according to his/her choice of names and account types (checking account, saving account, money market account etc.). Each of the accounts gives the option to add income, expense or transfer data through the plus(+) sign. Once the data is provided by the user, the app itself does all the tasks and gives a list of transactions that can be viewed by the user. It also categorizes the funds by income and expenditure. Apart from this, there is a list of activities that user can perform. These are:

  • Accounts: User can switch between Bank Account and Wallet and provide relevant data.
  • Incomes and Expenses by category: user can view the list separately as incomes and expenses.


  • Recurring Transactions: with this option, all the incomes and expenses that are recurring in nature are displayed. The recurring nature for the transactions could be for days, weeks, months or years. One can even set the end date for recurring transactions to stop.
  • Reports and Statistics: the stats and reports can be obtained as per the following categories:
    • Incomes and Expenses by period: the user can view the graphical stats for the incomes and expenses along with time duration for last 12 months, this year or last year.
    • Incomes and Expenses by category: the transaction can be viewed as incomes or expenses for the duration of last year, this year, last 12 months, last 6 months, last 3 months or this month.
    • Evolution in the Balance: the stats can be viewed by the user categorized by months and years in the textual and graphical format.
  • Advanced Search: with this option, user can search the desired data by title, period, accounts and categories.

Evermoney app surely has a wide range of options that can be changed according to users’ requirement. Let us discuss few of the settings option provided by this app.

  • General: user can choose among accounts, incomes and expenses by category and advanced search options that needs to be displayed on home screen.
  • Currency: user can select the currency type from the list of currencies provided by the app. The default currency is set to be USD – US Dollar.


  • Accounts: the accounts sections shows various options such as order of account list, show description, include transfers, first alert, second alert that could be changed by the user.
  • Transactions: the transactions sections gives the options like default order, default category for income, default category for expenses, default category for transfers and animation that could be changed by the user according to the need.
  • Reports and Statistics: the user can set the default period as last 12 months, current year, last year for incomes and expenses by period, incomes and expenses by category and evolution in the balance.
  • Data: the data section allows various operations that can be implemented to the data. It includes Backup, restore, automatic backup, backup folder etc. The data can be synchronized with google drive and other accounts. The data section also includes the import and export facilities for the data. The permissible formats includes: CSV and XML for both import and export of data.
  • Security: the app itself gives the feature to protect it from other users by providing a PIN lock to this app. The user can set the PIN which will be required to access the app. User can also set, change and reset the master password for this app to protect the data.
  • Notifications: if the options are enabled, the app can notify the user for recurring transactions and expiry of credit cards or impending expiry of credit cards.
  • About: the user can view the version, changelog, website and other information through this section.

Manage Categories

The user can add, delete, edit and manage the categories each for incomes, expenses and transfers. Already existing categories under each section can be edited or managed to change the type, icon and color.



The tools which are provided by the app are:

  • Calculator
  • Currency Converter

The Evermoney app is definitely going to solve your daily problems of arranging funds. It will save a lot of your time and will free you from the hectic burden of managing accounts. You can easily analyze your income and expenses with the help of this app.


  • No need of calculations. App does it all.
  • Easy and User friendly UI.
  • App provides many settings options to customize it according to user needs.
  • Provides a large number of predefined categories with icons to change them.
  • Various new widgets are added and bugs are fixed in the new version.


  • All the transactions cannot be deleted altogether. One has to go on individual transaction to delete it.

Overall, the app seems quite promising with its very useful and amusing capabilities of managing the accounts. The app is very well suited for the people with professions like banking, business etc. Install the app, and free your mind!


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