Boost mobile app downloads with these SEO tips

SEO tips to boost mobile app downloads
SEO tips to boost mobile app downloads


Whenever a mobile app developer think about boosting the downloads of his app, he starts working on app store optimization. Yes, app store optimization is good and helps in ranking better in app store search. But search engine optimization can also help you a lot, because app store linking and your website both will be visible in search. So, you are also searchable from search engines.

If you do not have a website for your app, you must get it now. Creating a microsite or landing page is recommended. Focusing on SEO can also bring more visitors to your website and boost mobile app downloads. Focus on SEO of this landing page or microsite. Build links, do proper keyword research, promote it and see how it can boost app downloads.

In this post, I am going to list few SEO tips which can help in increasing the visibility of your microsite and hence boosting the app downloads.

1. Mobile optimized landing pages which should also look good on desktop

There are so many people who search on desktop to find apps and then install in mobile by using the app store. But most of the users prefer to search on mobile device so that they can directly install app. So, landing page must be optimized for the both desktop and mobile. Having a responsive layout is not enough. You must have the web page optimized for conversion too. Try to have a design that can improve the conversion both from desktop and mobile. Use call-to-action properly and show relevant content to explain why this app is good.

2. Try to rank on Long tail keywords:

Keyword research is the most important thing you must do while writing a blog post. Keyword research includes finding the less competitive keywords which have high search volume. Over the time, number if websites are increasing and most of those are trying to rank of the same keyword. So, competition on main keyword is becoming higher day day. For example, if you have a racing game, you will most probably try to rank of keywords like “racing game for android”, “Best racing games” or something like these keywords depending on what you found less competitive. But these less competitive itself have good competitions because of so many websites are trying the same keywords.

This is why, long tail keywords are now getting popularity. Long tail keywords are those which have less search volumes but you can easily get rank on top 5 of google search results. Tools like Hittal and Longtail pro can help you getting beneficial long tail keywords. You can also get an idea of these keywords in SEMrush by looking at keywords of your competitors.

3. Build backlinks by guest post or reviews

Link building is still a good way to build authority and getting better SERP. So, you must focus on this. You can ask blogger of same niche to use your app and review. If you have an paid app, you can offer free license to bloggers for review. Review will give you a backlink and exposure among the readers of that bloggers. For example, we also review mobile apps on Techlomedia. Most of our readers enjoy these app reviews and install app. So, blog reviews are the best way for link building and exposure.

You can also hire writers to write few guest post on few bloggers. Bloggers reward a backlink for writing a guest post. While contacting to bloggers, it is possible to get response only from few. But try your best to get maximum bloggers to review your app.

You can use SEMrush to know the backlinks of your competitors. It will help you to know how to start link building. You can try to build similar links along with your extra efforts which I mentioned above.

4. Reduce Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the measurement of visitors who are leaving your website soon after landing your website. Try to make landing page appealing and offer things in better way. Landing page must not be distracting. Try to engage users with the content on your page. Way of presentation on the page should force users to download the app in lovely manner. The less bounce rate you will have, more conversion you will see.

These are the must follow tips. I am sure you will start seeing traffic and conversion within a month. If you have anything to add, do not forget to comment below.