Track your life goals with bucket list app Yolify

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YolifyIn this digital world, we do most of the works with few taps on smartphone . Then why not create your bucket list in your smartphone. Yolify is a new app that wants you to create your bucket list in smartphone. It wants you to create your bucket list and then track and fulfill your goals.

Bucket list is a great way to collect your goals and tasks at once place. And then start working on these goals one by one. By having a bucket list, you will never miss anything. Yolify is a not only just a bucket list app but a social app too.  You will have your own profile with your bucket lists. Profile will also show how many tasks you are doing and how many you have already done. You can also see the bucket list created by other people. If you like some task added by other in his/her bucket list, you can add it to your own bucket list. You can discover people and follow them.

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You can also customize the tasks by adding photos, time, location and your experience after finishing the goal. You can also share your achieved goals on Facebook and Twitter to motivate other people too. People who are aiming to fulfill the same goal will be inspired by your success. Really it is a nice concept.


According to Balint Farago, – a co-founder behind Yolify -, “the visibility of everyone’s bucket list creates an open space environment that motivates you to pursue your goals and keep adding new ones”.

Yolify mobile app will be available on for Android on March 25, 2015 is now available (iOS version will follow later this year). Until then, you can pre-register at and you will be notified.


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