Nexus 9 Sand Gold Variant is available in Google Play Store

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HTC Nexus 9 recently announced that it is being launched in Lunar White, Sand gold and Indigo Black colors. Except Sand Gold colored Nexus 9, other variants are available in the market. Sand Gold Nexus 9 is not available in the market yet, but is available in Google Play Store recently. After few changes are made to the Google Play store, it shows an option to shop Nexus 9 colored sand gold.

Nexus 9 Sand Gold

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Only 32 GB Wi-Fi enabled version of sand gold Nexus 9 is available as of now. There are no items for 32 GB LTE or 16 GB Wi-Fi of the same variant. It is also available in only few countries and it is not available in India yet.

Sand gold  variant costs $479. If you are the one waiting to buy HTC Nexus 9, then your time has come. If it is not available in your country yet, then you are supposed to wait for few more days and no official information regarding it’s availability in other countries.

Want to add anything to this? Please, do share with us if you have nay information of sand gold variant with us through comments.

Source: Google Play Store.


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