Best Android Apps For Women Safety

Woman Safety Shield Protection
Woman Safety Shield Protection

Android Operating System provides you many applications to make your job easy. There are also apps for safety of an individual. Due to an increase in women assault and many cases which are gone against women, many android applications have been developed for the safety of women. Some apps may allow you to add emergency contacts, some may trigger alarm with loud voice and some may be used to track your location. So, we are presenting you the best 3 android applications for women safety.

Best Android Apps For Women Safety

1. Woman Safety Shield Protection:

Woman Safety Shield Protection allows you to set emergency contacts. You can set up to 5 emergency contacts. It sends the pictures of your location to those emergency numbers. It shows you the icons of police station, hospitals, emergency centers in the app. Click on the icon and it will show the numbers and addresses based on the selection. If you select police station icon, it will show you the phone numbers and addresses of nearby police station. Apart from just showing numbers and address, it shows you the lick “Get Directions”. Click on this link, will show you the map with directions. Walk With Me feature of the application will guide your emergency contact in reaching you.

Woman Safety Shield Protection

2. VithU:

VithU application asks you to give contact numbers to be saved as guardians. These contacts will be used and will help you to contact in an emergency situation. This will send the alert messages to your prescribed contacts for every 2 minutes, when you click on the power button twice. It sends the message “I am in danger, I need help. Please follow my location” to your pre defined contact numbers.  It gives you the tips of safety using the option “Tips Feed”. Guardian will receive the link of your location as the message. You can set the alert of the show “Gumrah” in the application. You can also share the story of any crime through “Share My Story” option, which would be helping others to be safe.

VithU Android app women security

3. iGoSafely -Personal Safety App:

iGoSafely is the app with many features to help women in tough situations. It is featured in such way to alert all your emergency contacts when the situation is not allowing you to call or SMS them.


Follow these 3 steps with the App:

  1. Create emergency contacts.
  2. Give Disarm code.
  3. When got in to any uncomfortable situation, Arm the application.

First arm the app and if you are in to any emergency situation, in order to notify all of your emergency contacts, just shake the phone very rigorously. Even unplug your headphones forcibly to send the alert. Then this app will send pictures of your location, street address if possible for every 60 seconds to the emergency contacts. Alert message also contains your GPS locations and a recorded voice of 30 seconds. Once you open the app it will show your GPS location, Data Connection and Battery strength. Make sure that, all of these are working well.

Install these apps in your smart mobile and make use of them if you are in to any uncomfortable situation. If you have any idea on more apps regarding women safety, then please do share through comments.