Now Gmail Lets You Easily Unsubscribe Newsletter You don’t want

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Daily we receive lots of emails from various companies. And many of the emails are from mailing lists you never read. And most of us usually delete those emails but never unsubscribe. It is easier to delete than unsubscribe. Because most of the newsletter want us to fill form and tell the reason of unsubscribe. Few of those ask us to login in the account which we have already forgotten.

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So Google has made it easier to unsubscribe from these kind of newsletters. It has officially launched an “Unsubscribe” button in GMail’s web interface. If there is an unsubscribe link in email, it will add a unsubscribe link at the top of email near sender’s email address. Clicking on this link will unsubscribe you from that newsletter.

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Google said that this will help both sender and receiver. Receiver will be able to keep their inbox clutter free. And sender’s mail is less likely to be marked as SPAM by frustrated users.

If you are receiving emails from mailing list you never subscribe, you can use this feature to stop receiving emails from those senders.

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