How is Samsung’s newly launched Milk Music different from iTunes and others?



Samsung on Friday launched a new radio music streaming app Milk Music for its Galaxy Series phone owners (Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note III). It is just another service in the already crowded market of music streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple’s iTunes (which Milk Music seems to be competing with).

Milk Music

“Exclusive to Galaxy owners, Milk Music is an ad free radio service that gives you more of the music you love, curated by top DJs and industry pros and all for free,” says Samsung’s Milk Music web page. However, the service will remain without ads and free to be downloaded for a limited time as the website states.

With Milk Music you can listen to 200+ stations on ad free radio and customize the stations to listen to the songs that you love.  You can choose to listen to music from a variety of genres ranging from Pop, Jazz, Dance, HipHop, Rock and many, many more. Also you can choose to hear songs that are new or old, very popular or not so popular or your favorites. Milk Music provides two audio quality options РStandard (40 Kbps) and High (96 Kbps).

Milk Music interface is one such interface that you will enjoy to use. The quaint circular wheel makes you remember the way the radio knob was turned to fine tune into a station or change the station. You can switch between genres with the movement of the outer circular wheel and the inner wheel lets you to fine tune into the station for better sound quality. You can customize the genres that are displayed on the wheel. At a time, only 9 of a total of 15 genres can be displayed on the jogwheel control at a time. Samsung says, “Surf stations and genres by turning the interactive dial to navigate with no lag time between songs, sound is seamless.”

Not only this, Samsung lets you to sign in to Milk Music so that you can carry your music and preferences no matter where you logged in. While it is always nice to log in to such services with your account, you can still listen to music and customize the service without logging in.

Milk Music uses Samsung’s Air View very aptly. The genre selection dial disappears if it is inactive for some time. So when you bring your finger back towards the screen, it reappears on the screen. Cool, isn’t it?

But much to the disappointment of the customers and music lovers, you cannot listen to it when you are offline. Only the music that you have cached can be listened to when you are not connected to internet. Unlike iTunes, you cannot download music to your phone from the app. Apart from this, since the app is a radio streaming service, it is unable to play the music files stored in your phone. Lyrics and details of the artist are not available for the songs.

Why did Samsung called it ‘Milk’ Music is beyond anyone’s wild guess. Samsung likes to call Milk Music as ‘The Next Big Thing in Music’ but with innumerable music apps already at the disposal, competition is going to be tough for Milk Music.

However, for now, it is only a US-based service, much to the disappointment of music lovers of other countries. Samsung will soon make it international. The choice of making it the US only service seems obvious when the app is still in its initial stage and lacks some important functionalities.

Download Milk Music for your android phone here.

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