Live in Your Fantasy Home with Zuli SmartPlugs

ZUli Smartplug

Now you can control appliances and lights in your house with your smart phone- all thanks to Kickstarter’s Zuli SmartPlugs. The Zuli SmartPlug uses Bluetooth Low Power Technology to communicate with your smart phone and the home appliances.

With this latest technology, you can switch on/off your room lights as you enter/leave it. Or you can dim the lights as per your preference from your phone. These Plugs will make a mesh of Bluetooth in your house which helps it to track your location in the house. So whenever you enter the house next time with your hands full, you don’t have to worry about switching on the lights. Also when you are away, the smart plugs will turn off all the devices in the unoccupied rooms.

ZUli Smartplug

These are the key features of Zuli Smartplugs

  • On/Off Control
  • Dimming
  • Location Based Automation
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Away Detection
  • Scheduling

While even one smartplug will also work fine, but the company suggests you to have a minimum of 3 smartplugs to get the most of the technology. These minimum no. of smartplugs will be able to track your location more accurately. The company also offers a Full House Pack because more the no. of smartplugs, better the performance. One can download the app for free.

However, for now the app will be available for only Apple Smart Phones (iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s) but the company plans to provide the app to android users also very soon.

With 398 backers, zuli smartplug has raised approx 1k USD. It has targetted for $150,000 by Saturday Jan 4 which seems an easy task for the company.

You can read more detail about Zuli smartplug here on Kickstarter description.

Watch demo video here:

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