Grand Theft Auto V Gets New Official Video and Screenshots


Two more days to go in the launch of GTA V. Gamers are waiting for the new title desperately. In the meantime, company has launched another Grand Theft Auto V video along with few screen shots. The video and screenshots aim to show new aspects of game.

The game will be officially release on September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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With this new video, RockStar wants to show the changes of the game. The video show the different place of Blaine country. Now, it has more rural areas around city of Los Santos. Game has many things that will engage you in the game for hours. You can enjoy racing cars or flying planes. You will face shootouts with police and then evade.

Other things that game includes are healthcare, nice natural places, shopping malls, clubs, beaches, parties and many exciting things.

See the videos and screenshots from official website. See video below.


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