5 Tips to Avoid Fake Job Offering Frauds


In past few years, campus hiring is slow. So, it has become tough to search for jobs after completing the education. People register on different job sites and search for jobs. They try to search for jobs on different job portals and attending daily interview. In India, every year lakhs of student finish graduation and come to metro cities in search of jobs. This huge number attracts fraud persons to take advantage of student’s desperation towards jobs. There are so many fake consultancy companies can be found in Metro cities which charge in advance for job interviews, but students never get any thing. So many job-related emails are also circulating which ask for money to give change of interview in Top MNCs. Thousands of students fall in these scams and lose their money.fake job offers

In this post, We are adding few tips which you should follow to prevent job-related scams. Follow these tips and keep yourself away from scammers.

5 Tips to Avoid Fake Job Offering Frauds

1. If you get a job offer from big companies like Maruti, Tata, Wipro, TCS, Infosys or any other like that, be sure to check the sender’s email address. If the email id is from Gmail, yahoo or Hotmail, never trust on these email offers. Job offers always come from official email addresses like hr@tcs.com, name@tcs.com or anything with official domain in email address. While email spoofing is possible, always see reply-to address while replying to these emails.

2. We have seen many fake job offers for Wipro, Maruti and Tata. If email is from some domain other than Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, check the domain by opening website. In past we have seen a scam saying deepak@tata-jobs.com, But tata-jobs.com has nothing to do with TATA. So, you should open and check whether it is official website or not.

3. No big company asks candidates to submit any kind of amount for conducting the interview and never to a personal bank account. If emails ask you to send a DD or submit cash to a person’s account, its time to delete the email and forget about that. You should not be too desperate to give money for jobs.

4. If you are getting calls from consultancies, you should ask about the consultancy name and then try Google to find out the review. I have seen so many consultancies that conduct 2-3 fake interview in their office and then ask you to submit a refundable amount before final interview. But the final interview never comes. In Delhi NCR, there are many fake job consultancies. So, you should take care of yourself.

If you are going through the consultancy, try to convince them to take their share after getting the job offer. If they are charging in advance, do proper research about the company. You must follow this to avoid fake job offers from fraud consultancy.

5. There are many fake companies which claims to be a Pvt Ltd company and call to college TPO for campus placement. Their team goes to colleges and do proper recruitment process. But they charge the few amount from students for attending their campus placement interview. At the end, they select 2-3 students. But They never send call letters to selected candidates. It is your responsibility to search for the company and know its history before appearing in the job process.

Never attend these kinds of job placements. I have also seen many job fares where these kinds of fake companies come and charge from students.

These are few tips which you should follow to avoid fake job offers. Register , for a job seeker account on popular and trusted job portals and then apply for jobs. Although scammers are there, but with above tips, risk will be too low. Those trusted job portals do regular check to block any scam recruiter to offer safe job searching environment.