YouTube Closing, Google Nose and Gmail Blue are Google’s April Fool Prank 2013

Every year, Google Play unique pranks that confuses whether it is really a prank or reality. This year too. Google has come up with many pranks including Google Nose, YouTube closing and Gmail blue. Other pranks may also follow the list.

These are the main pranks Google has played this year. These are the pranks that are running online and surprising users.

YouTube Closing Contest

Google began the April fool day with YouTube prank. YouTube announced in the blog that YouTube began in 2005 and now it is finding best video uploaded on the YouTube. Tom Liston, Competition Director at YouTube also announced that will no longer accept entries. This announcement and video about the competition was posted hours before April 1. In the video, Tom Liston warned users to watch everything before YouTube deleted all videos from the server. He also said the YouTube will be back in 2023 with the best video only.

Google Nose

Google Nose

After YouTube closing announcements, Google has launched another new service called Google Nose. This new service was launched with BETA lebel. According to product description, Google Nose is the latest Google technology that offers users to know what something smells like. Google has added more than 15 million products and their smells. This data has been collected by StreetSense vehicles and Android Ambient Odor Detection.

Google Treasure Maps

Google has also added a prank to Google Maps. It has added a treasure mode in Google Maps. The goal of this map is to solve the treasure map that belongs to pirate Captain Kidd.

Gmail Blue

Gmail has also launched a new version of Gmail called Gmail Blue on ninth anniversary today. Google said that brown Gmail was disaster so Google is introducing Gmail Blue. The video introduction of Gmail Blue is really amazing and worth to check.

Visitor from Space Station in Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics has also played a nice prank with users. It is showing few visitors outside from the earth. You can see in snap. If you click on Traffic source in Real time report, It will show April Fool’s message.

Analytics prank


Google’s Add Emotion Button

Google has added emoticons to Google+ photos. It allow you to share your emotions along with photos.

Google's Add Emotion Button

Google posted

“Many months of research on how people communicate on the Internet have convinced us that when it comes to expressing yourself, nothing beats the richness and elegance of a few properly placed colons, parentheses, letters and hyphens.
🙂 😛 :O :/”

These are few Google Pranks this year. We are waiting for few more April fool pranks.

Which prank you like most? Share with us.

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