5 Tips to Get Most of Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphone photography
Smartphone photography


Now smartphone comes with the high-quality camera. So, we can capture high-quality images just like we do with the camera. One more advantage of the smartphone over the digital camera is that smartphone is not as sophisticated as a camera and gives good performance and image quality.

Even if smartphone cameras are not very good and dual camera tech has improved smartphone cameras a log, DSLR are still much better due to large sensor size. So comparing smartphone camera with DSLR camera will be foolish. But you can still capture excellent photos from your smartphone.

If you have a smartphone with a good quality camera, you need to learn few basic photography tips to get best pictures. Here are few tips that will help you to get most of your smartphone camera.

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1. Keep Smartphone Steady while capturing photo

This is the most important thing we should care while taking a picture from a smartphone camera. We should hold the camera at sides and then keep it close to the body. Some people keep camera at the arm’s length that is not recommended. At the time of taking a picture, you should hold camera tight, control your breath and slowly tap the shutter button. If you want to use a smartphone for professional photography, you can think of buying a Tripod or Monopod. Tripods are good for shooting in slow slow shutter speeds.

You can check these tripods:

2. Keep it steady for 1-2 seconds after tapping on shutter button

It is a common myth that taping over shutter button captures the photo. Your phone actually takes 1-2 seconds in capturing a photo after you tap on the shutter button. In low-light, this time may be longer. So, keep the phone steady for few seconds after releasing the finger from the screen. If you usually get blurry pictures from your smartphone camera, this might be the common mistake you do.

3. Take care of light

Although, smartphones now comes with good cameras sensors that aim to give good photo even if you are in low light. It is a good idea to a take picture in proper light. Smartphone usually generates lot of noise in dark and low-light photography still needs innovation. If your phone has an HDR (high dynamic range) mode, try using it instead of the flash. You may also notice that your camera performs well in day light.

If no option of light is available, then flash is the only option and we can not do anything in this case. In this case, you should try the low-light mode available in your phone’s camera. Asus phones really impressed with their low-light mode.

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4. Explore All Camera Options and learn to use Pro Mode

Smartphones come with various camera options. But, most of the people only use basic cameras options and never touch advance options which they do not know. We recommend using all options and try to see the effects on the photo. If will help you to know better about your smartphone camera. Make sure to check if camera resolution is set to high.

Most of the phones now come with pro mode. So, you should start learning how to use the pro-mode and capture photos with custom camera settings. This will surely improve results when conditions are not favorable.

5. Try good camera apps

The smartphone comes with a default camera app but it might miss important features. For example, Moto phones have a good camera but they do not offer good camera app. Asus phones offer a good camera app with a wide range of options. So, you must try to see if your phone has good camera app with options good enough for photography. In case you need, there are good camera apps for Android in Google Play Store. Similar kinds of apps are also available for iOS.  Some apps like Camera+ (iOS) and ProCapture Free (Android) are good.

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