Top 5 Photography Apps For Android Smartphones

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As the quality of cameras of smartphones in increasing, photography on mobile phones is getting popular. Now many developers are creating apps which gives better control over the phone camera.

These are some popular apps for photographers who use their Android smartphone as professional camera.

Instagram: This is the most popular photo app these days and was recently acquired by Facebook. This app was previously available for iOS devices and was released for android last month. This app allows users to apply set of filters on the photo and add some cool effects. It also upload pic to the instagram website to share with followers. Most important part of the app is that it does not change the original image and create new copy when you add any effect on the app.

AfterFocus: This is a nice Android app which create images with blurred backgrounds and focus on a specific object. If you have an SLR camera, you can do it direct with the camera. But smartphone camera does not allow users to do these kind of jobs.

With this cool app, you can create those kind of attractive images by focusing on a specific object or person. Along with blur and focus control the application also has detailed filters to stylize images. You can choose to blur images or you can even stylize them.

Color splash Fx: This nice app allows users to create beautiful art works by changing or removing color of some parts of the image. You can re-color any part of the image. It allows users to select brush from the available sizes and have feature for Unlimited undo for accidental touch. Also, to fine tune images the app has a brush tip zoom feature that lets user glide along the lines of a picture more accurately.

After creating your perfect art work, you can also post your photo to Facebook or any other social networking website.
This nice app supports all android devices including smartphones and tablets.

FXCamera: FxCamera is an Android app which allows users to take photos with various effects. You can select the effect and start the camera directly from the home screen.

It also  lets you take photos faster than your default camera and it is easier to use. This app also allows users to share images on Facebook and Twitter.

Magix Camera MX: Magix Camera MX app adds unlimited photo fun to your smartphone camera. It adds 15 genius image effects with real-time preview (Lomo, orton, pencil sketch, thermal, sequence, caleidoscope, pop art, sepia and many more) for amazing photo fun.

In addition to this, the app also allows users to calibrate their images more precisely by adjusting saturation, contrast and white balance etc. The finished photos can also be assembled into more personalized formats.