Google Announces Pwnium 3, Offers More than $3 million in reward


Search giant Google has announced its hacking competition pwnium. Pwnium contest will be held in March and Google will pay up to $3.14 million. This time, target is its browser based operating system Chrome OS.pwnium3

In this contest, security researchers will compete to hack Google’s Chrome OS. Google has planned two individual awards of $110,000 and $150,000. In total it will pay $3.14159 million. I think you can guess that 3.14159 is the first 6 digits of the pie.

“We believe these larger rewards reflect the additional challenge involved with tackling the security defenses of Chrome OS, compared to traditional operating systems,” said Evans, an engineer with the Chrome security team.

Pwnium 3 will be held on March 7 at CanSecWest, the Vancouver, British Columbia, security conference. Google will also partner with HP TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) bug bounty program to host Pwn2Own.

Evans added, Standard Pwnium rules apply: the deliverable is the full exploit plus accompanying explanation and breakdown of individual bugs used. Exploits should be served from a password-authenticated and HTTPS-supported Google property, such as Google App Engine. The bugs used must not be known to us or fixed on trunk. We reserve the right to issue partial rewards for partial, incomplete or unreliable exploits.

Google has yet to announced the rules for this competition but it will be posted here on Chromium security page.