Facebook Launches Poke App To iOS for Sending Self Destructing Messages

Facebook Launches Self Destructing Messages For iOS

Facebook has a feature called Poke from its initial days. Today, Facebook has announced a new kind of Poke feature with its Poke app for iOS devices that allows users to send self destructing text, phto and video messages.

Facebook Launches Self Destructing Messages For iOS with Poke App

The self destructive message will be available for a limited time and then it will expire. This remind users Snapchat app that is available for Android and iOS both.

Original poke feature was useless and most of the users still do not know why it exists. Now the poke has new definition that allows users to share something in private and in secure way. Users will be able to set the expiry time to 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds. Once the clock runs out, the message is deleted from the phone and erased.

These are the main features of the app.

  • Poke a friend with a message, photo or video
  • Choose how long they can see it
  • Press and hold to see pokes from friends
  • Say where you are when you poke
  • See when your friends take screenshots

You can download Poke App for iOS device for free from iTunes store.

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