Redington Confirms iPhone 5 Price in India, Starts from Rs. 45,500


Yesterday, We reported that Apple iPhone 5 is coming to India on November 2 but at that time, we did not have much information about the pricing. But, One of the Apple’s distribution partner in India, Redington has confirmed the prices of Apple iPhone 5 in India.

According to it, iPhone 5 (16 GB) will cost Rs. 45,500, 32 GB will cost and Rs. 52,500 and 64 GB iPhone 5 will cost Rs. 59,500 in India. Price of the iPhone 5 models are near the expectations. We can see that the photos are from the older iPhone models but these are only placeholders. You can see that it is labelled with the name iPhone 5.

It is also rumoured that Airtel and Aircel will also confirm iPhone 5 in India through their network. iPhone 4S was launched under these two network operators in India, last year. So we can expect similar kind of deal this year too. But other network operators can also sell iPhone 5 by purchasing bulk order from the distributors.

We are looking into the matter and will let you know all the latest updates regarding iPhone 5 in India


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