Unsubscribe Unwanted Email Newsletters With Unroll.me

Email subscription is the best way to reach out to more users. Most of the companies use this to inform their customers about the new products and announcements. But Most of the customers hate to receive these kind of emails. These kind of emails are nothing more than spam and daily so many emails full our inbox. But unsubscribing each newsletter individually is really a time taking job.

In this problem, Unroll.me can help you. It unsubscribe all mailing lists in a few minutes. This is a new service and still it is in beta. It works only for subscriptions delivered to Gmail or Yahoo accounts. But company is working to add more email service support.

To unsubscribe all mailing list, go to the unroll.me and select the email service you use. In my case, it is Gmail. So i will simply select from drop down and press go. After this step, it will ask for permission to access your Gmail account. Allow it to access your Gmail by clicking on allow button.

It will scan your inbox and show you a list of all email newsletters you have subscribed. You will also see two icons in front of each service. Minus icon is to unsubscribe and reload icon is to go back to the inbox.  Just click on minus sign in front of the service to unsubcribe individually.

Service is in beta so there may be some possibilities of security risks. But no issue have been identified yet. I am also using this service without any problem. This service will save your inbox from unwanted emails filling your inbox. A must use online utility.

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