Bangladesh black hat hackers hacked many indian government websites with more than 20000 websites of India

The cyber war between indian hackers and Bangladeshi hackers is now on the peak. Bangladesh black hat hackers are attacking on all type of Indian websites including government websites.

Bangladeshi hacker group claimed to hack more than 20,000 websites of India which is one of the biggest mass defacement.
The group calling itself ‘Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers’ wrote on its Facebook fan page: “India hacked our 400 sites in total, we hacked 20,000 sites in total since the war started.”

See the list here of FB page

When i saw the facebook page of BSF, i saw the list of website they have defaced. The list is growing with more and more posts.
These are the government websites hacked by BSF

They also exposed the data of INCOME-TAX INDIA

See the demo data:

Now we can just wait and watch what is going to happen next. But this type of cyber war is not good for both of the countries. They are only ruining the website of innocent webmasters who earning with their websites

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