The World Wide Web is now 20 years old

The World Wide Web is now 20 years old
The World Wide Web is now 20 years old
The world wide web has now completed its 20 years and now its need of the world. No one can imagine the world without it. When the first static web page was run on the internet, no one had think about the websites like facebook, google and twitter at that time. There are many revolutions on the internet technologies. 
Its different from what it looked at first. And after this much revolution and technogies, the web is still in early stage of development.
Berners-Lee created WorldWideWeb, the name of the first browser which doubled as a web editor. He also created the first web pages which described the project itself. He made the first public announcement on August 6, 1991, the same day that the first website went live, accessible to everyone. The web grew slowly in the first year, as more web servers started popping up.
Web affects billions of people every day and is very important to our daily life. At the end i only want to say Happy b’day to www.


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