Hacker hits AOL postmaster website

After a lots of hacking activities in this year, hackers again hits a famous website. This time ot was the turn of AOL. AOL’s postmaster.aol.com website was hacked Saturday afternoon by someone who goes by the name “HodLuM.” The site was slightly defaced with a message from the hacker.
Hacker defaced the website by the message,”AOL S3RV3RZ ROOT3D BY HODLUM LOLZ!”
AOL had fixed the defacement just after 2 hours of the hack but the main thing is how the hacker breaks into the AOL server.
After this attack on AOL server, all are asking to the security experts of the website. Most of the people are guessing that the attacker is not more than 14 year old because of the deface page and the deface message used on AOL.
At the start of this week, AOL has announced that it is still losing money and the last of the week is also bd for AOL with this defacement.

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