10 Websites to Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones Online in India

There are many people who want to have a high end smartphone but cannot afford it. These people always search for a used smartphone in good condition. This is now a big business in India. So, there are many popular websites which allow users to sell and buy used smartphones and tablets in India. Although, most of the people still prefer selling their used smartphone at local shops, but online listing can give them better price for their phone.

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In this post, we are listing 10 popular websites where users can buy or sell used mobile phones.

  1. Mobile-Phones-India
  2. Mobiles4sale
  3. Sulekha
  4. Usedmobiles
  5. Priceshred
  6. 91mobiles
  7. Themobileindian
  8. Buy N Sell Mobile
  9. Contacthello
  10. Mobilexchange

These are nice websites where you can list your smartphone or tablet which you want to sell. If you want to buy a phone, search on the portal, see photos and specifications, contact owner and set your deal.

Before buying used phone, you should follow these tips:

  1. Always try to contact person in your city. It will help you to reach the person and see the actual condition of the phone.
  2. If possible, take the phone atleast day or two. It will help you to judge the phone’s battery. If not possible, ask him about the battery backup.
  3. Check the battery, IMEI number and bill of the phone. There may be possibility that the owner has stealed the phone. You may be get into trouble. So check the ownership of the phone is most recommend step.
  4. Check the manufacturing of the device. There are few cheat codes that will show you the manufacturing of the device and battery.
  5. Check the current market price of the phone in various online retailers.
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Deepanker Verma is a computer geek, web programmer and entrepreneur. He likes to write about technology gadgets and web security.

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